Sunday, 10 March 2013

New goodies for uni!

With uni starting I decided to pick up last minute must haves. I don't like the diary's that my uni gives out so I went out to buy a nice one, unfortunately many stores have sold out on diaries or they have sold out on all the nice looking diaries. Luckily Kikki K still had a few left in-store not only that but they has 20% off on them! There weren't many left as you would imagine but the colours were limited and so were the sizes.

Luckily for me the size was the one I wanted and I liked the colour that was left. Kikki K's diaries are actually quite pricey normally, the one I brought was $44.95 and to me that is quite expensive for a diary but since I was going to receive 20% off I decided to buy it.

The second item I brought was a small hand cream to keep in my uni bag or pencil case. I decided this year to really look after myself eating healthy and taking care I'd my skin. I brought the L'Occitane hand cream which has had many great reviews by bloggers and magazines. It actually came in 3 scents but I decided to go on the original first and if I like it then I will repurchase and try the other 2 scents. The hand cream comes in a large size too but since I will be carrying it in my uni bag I thought I would get the smaller size plus this way is a good way to try it out. The small hand cream was only $12 which is an excellent price to me. I've tried it out a few times and it sinks into your skin really fast which is good.

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