Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hydrating eye cream

I have finally found a great hydrating eye cream, it's the Burt's Bees' Intense Hydration eye cream which a new line for them. I wear contacts so my under eye area is very dry and it is very hard to find a hydrating eye cream as all eye creams nowadays are more for dark under eye circles, wrinkles and puffiness. I brought the Burt's Bees' eye cream from David Jones but you can also buy it from Priceline. I noticed in the first couple of days major difference and am very happy about it. I brought it for $39.95 which is a good price compared to other eye creams in the market. What I also love about this product is that it has no parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals and is 99% natural like majority of the Burt's Bees' products. The packaging is very convenient as the tip of the tube is pointed and doesn't squirt out unnecessary product but the right amount. I highly recommend this product.

Jelly Bean sandals

I am very undecided on jellybean sandals. I wore them when I was a kid but I'm not sure If I or any one could pull them off at my age now.
Chanel brought back similar looking sandals and after that jelly sandals and similar styled sandals have soared, you can see them everywhere in the streets, shops and online.
Like I said I am very undecided on the 'look' of them. (UPDATE I ended up buying a pair and I love them! SEE more details here http://velvet-fridays.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/jelly-bean-sandals.html)
Classic Jellybean sandals from jbeans.com.au that come in many colours

Windsor Smith sandals that come in white as well 
Chanel sandals


Wish i could afford to buy all of these!

by Loeffler Randall



And of course these beautiful heels by Yeezy &Giuseppe Zanotti (source: songofstyle)