Wednesday, 17 April 2013


It's a trend seen on celebrities and runways, wearing white on white is a major trend.

Monday, 1 April 2013

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival: Part Two

This is the part two of my LMFF volunteer experience.
So I was lucky enough a be given a last minute shift for the final night of LMFF, which I was given while working on Saturday night but didn't receive the text till the end of the night. I really wanted to either volunteer on Sunday or attend the shows as my some of my favourite designers were in the two shows of the final night. It was tiring doing to volunteer days in a row as you dont get home till about 12 and have to wake up bring and early to go back to Docklands (I dont know how staff and models did it).
The first show for the night which started at 7:00 was the L'Oreal Paris Runway 7 presented by Frankie Magazine, designers were: Gorman, Jolet, Karen Walker, Kuwaii, Leonard St, Limedrop, Secret South. AND THE MODEL THAT I DRESSED FOR THIS SHOW WAS RACHEL RUTT (I did have a fangirl moment, kept it inside of me of course). 
Here are some backstage photos:

the popular Witu backpack styled with Leonard St

We also got to go front of house because we helped clean up the hay (which was part of the runway this year, last year I attended the Frankie show and had similar decoration on the runway except it wasn't hay last time) but had to take some pictures as it was amazingly set up.

Everything in the Frankie Show was perfect (mainly because of the amazing designers) so it is so hard just to pick my favourites, see all the looks at

The second show was the Independent Runway featuring:
  • From Britten
  • Ksubi
  • Pageant

  • Garth Cook
  • Livia Arena
  • One Fell Swoop
  • Tettmann.Doust
  • Trois
  • Zhivago

For the second show I dressed a male model but the designers for the male clothing was amazing with great detailing. The music was very suitable featuring the song Clique which was perfect for Ksubi in my opinion. Was such a great show overall!
Here are some photos from backstage that I took: