Saturday, 20 July 2013

Emma Hardie

Two months ago I brought the Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Body treatment and a month ago I the Emma Hardie cleansing balm, that every blogger and youtuber seems to be talking about.

When I used the body scrub I automatically noticed my skin's difference before and after. This scrub is a 'refining and deep cleansing body scrub and mask'.My skin felt and looked hydrated and smooth after using it. Since its winter I have been using this every week as its not harsh on my skin. I have included a picture of the ingredients used in this product below. But the main ingredients include almond oil, Himalayan salt, fine rose and china clays.
This product is also suggested to help purify and detox congested and blemished skin on the back area as a treatment mask. This scrub is around $60 on beautybay and it comes in a massive jar (200ml) so it's definitely worth the price tag as a little goes a long way.
As for the cleansing balm I found it didn't work well in removing my makeup like many people have said so I use it to cleanse my skin after I remove my makeup. It's very hydrating my doesn't clog my skin up and cause any pimples, usually I stay away from hydrating cleansers but as its winter my skin turns to normal to dry skin rather than oily. I have barely made a dent in this cleansing balm and must say its worth the money in terms on how little product you need (only need a pea sized). I don't like how you need to use your fingers to get the product out but I understand its too thick of a consistency to be put in a tube. Overall, I suggest you to buy this cleansing balm if like me you usually take your make up off using something else before you actually use your cleanser OR if you cleanse twice (you use two different cleansing products).

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